Our Daily Life:

We are Discalced Carmelites, wearing simple rope sandals and a brown habit, living a life of fasting, prayer, and sacrifice, secluded from the world, behind the walls in our desert cloister. Our day is prayer centered, with small periods of time devoted to necessary house or yard work. We rise each day at 5 AM, and pray individually and as a community seven times a day. We also spend most of our time in silence, breaking it only for prayer or song or during our brief hours of afternoon and evening community recreation.

We do not beg or ask for support on a regular basis, and as such our needs are not generally known. We trust in Divine Providence which has brought about a small group of faithful who generously contribute food or alms, or we simply do without. Our daily needs for food, shelter and medical care have been mostly met, however, there has been need for minimal maintenance of our aging facility.